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Kate Hoey MP
House of Commons

Office: 0207 219 5989

An open letter to my constituents on why we should Vote to Leave the EU

Kate Hoey - 20 June 2016

Dear Resident,


I am writing to tell you I will be voting to leave the European Union in the referendum on 23rd June.


Over my 27 years as your MP I have seen the EU take more powers over our elected UK Parliament and we are regularly outvoted by the other 27 countries.

 · The original trading partnership idea that people voted for over 40 years ago has changed utterly; now our courts can be overruled by an EU court and our Parliament has to accept laws introduced by unelected Commissioners. Unlike our Governments they cannot be kicked out every few years.

 EU rules allow anyone from any of the member states to come here, driving down wages for our own citizens across the country. Commonwealth citizens are discriminated against making it very difficult for even those with long family ties to visit. leaving the EU would allow us to have a fairer system.

 All our rights at work and protections were won by working people and trade unionists, not the EU. They are enshrined in British law and we can vote out any Government that tries to change them.

 We spend £10 BILLION a year to support a dysfunctional  bureaucracy in the EU that hasn’t had its accounts approved in 20 years.

· Just as Labour giants like Tony Benn and Barbara Castle warned, the EU has become an anti-democratic body supporting big business and global corporations. If we leave we could trade across the world and be a proud, independent nation co-operating with other countries again.


YOUR VOTE really matters and I hope that you will join me in setting our country free from the shackles of the EU by voting to leave on June 23rd. 


Yours faithfully,




Kate Hoey MP

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